Which Terry Pratchett Book Should You Read?

Jody Mabry

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Terry Pratchett was a best selling fantasy novelist who wrote 70 books before his death, 40 of which were part of his Discworld series. Whether you are a fan of Discworld or want to test the twisty boundaries of good vs. evil, you will likely find a Pratchett novel you love. Want a head start? Take this quiz to find out which Terry Pratchett novel you should definitely read.

Do you want to read a Discworld novel or something else?

Who is your favorite Pratchett character?

What is your favorite kind of humor?

Are you religious?

Do you prefer science fiction or fantasy?

Which emotion should a novel bring out?

Do you normally recommend a good book?

Does it matter which book you read first in a series?

Where do you like to read?

What is your opinion of the devil?

Which job do you think would cause you to go crazy the fastest?

What type of magic do you like to read about?

Should bad characters always be evil?

How many hours a day do you read?

How quickly do you become irritable?

Besides science fiction or fantasy, which other types of book do you like to read?

How many books do you own?

Which of these topics bothers you to read about?

What is an ideal book size?

Which is your preferred mode of transportation?

Which is a difficult task?

Which kind of world do you enjoy reading about?

Which quality do you like to see in a protagonist?

Which quality do you like to see in an antagonist?

Which is your favorite type of animal?

How do you like a book to end?

Would you ever eat fried rat?

What is your interest in money?

What kind of a work ethic do you have?

Which type of companion would you like to travel with?

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