Which Teen Titan Are You?

By Kennita Leon on February 04, 2018

About This Quiz

The Teen Titans, sometimes called the New Teen Titans, are a fictional teen superhero group which first appeared in DC Comics' "The Brave and the Bold" #54 back in 1964. After being canceled and relaunched several times, the The New Teen Titans were created in the 1980's featuring a whole new cast of young superheroes; Cyborg, Beastboy, Raven, Starfire, and Robin (one of the original members).

In 2003, like many other comic book series, this one was adapted into an animated series which premiered on Cartoon Network and Kids' WB! The series was so successful that a spin-off show called "Teen Titan Go!" was created in 2013. Both series followed the five main characters as they discovered their powers, joined the team, take down bad guys and even fall in love.

Which character are you most like? Do you have a bit of a dark side like Raven? Are you the heir to the throne of an alien planet like Starfire? Will you have the ability to shapeshift into any animal like Beastboy? Did you receive an artificial intelligence upgrade like Cyborg, or are you the super-powerless but resourceful Robin? The only way to find out is by taking this quiz!

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