Which tag team would you have been the best third partner for?

By: Joshua Laurent

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There are a lot of wrestlers out there who just couldn't make it on their own, but when they were paired with another struggling wrestler, a great team was born. Some teams had three members, like The New Day. Which tag team would have been the final piece to complete the tripod?

What do you do when somebody dies?

Who is your favorite wrestling manager

What kind of restaurant would you like to eat at tonight?

What do you think of the band No Doubt?

How do you take $500?

What would you like for breakfast along with your eggs?

And how do you want your eggs done?

What kind of bread for your toast?

Something to drink with your breakfast?

How will you be paying for breakfast today?

Your entrance music would be

You're OK with wearing all but which?

Which is your favorite orange food?

What is your favorite Tom Hanks movies?

Where would you never be caught dead?

What is your least favorite kind of flooring

Who was the third coolest Beatle?

What are the best things about parades?

Which is the best Chuck Lorre produced show?

What is at the edge of the universe?

Which of these accessories should go away?

Who was the greatest "big man" wrestler?

When do you call a doctor?

Which song did Johnny Cash cover the best?

What is 'For Whom the Bell Tolls'?

How do you like your meat cooked?

Who was your favorite hardcore wrestler?

What would be your strategy to win a battle royal?

What is one thing wrestling doesn't need?

What is the best way to win a wrestling match

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