Which Superhero Couple Are You and Your Significant Other?

By: Brian Whitney
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

You know there is nothing that can stop you and your significant other. Why? Because you two are superheros. The only question is what superhero couple are you?

Would you two ever have kids?

How did you two first spend time together?

Have you two ever kept secrets from each other?

Can one of you fly?

How into makeup are you?

Do your friends like him?

Do his friends like you?

How often do you two go out and party?

Do you like bad boys?

Where would you go out to eat?

What would he most likely do for work?

How strong is the man of your pair?

Does he have a man cave?

What draws you two together most?

How kinky are you two in the bedroom?

How loyal are you to him?

Do you two have similar taste in books and movies?

What type of music to you listen to?

Which of these actors do you prefer?

What about actresses?

How do you two handle conflict?

What sport would you most likely go see together?

Which one of you two is the Alpha?

Do you ever argue about money?

Who usually decides where to go to eat?

How fashionable are you two?

How do people describe your partner?

What kind of show do you two watch together?

How into Halloween are you?

Where would you go on vacation?

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