Which State Do Your Manners Belong In?

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Manners maketh man, so they say. Of course, manners are highly context dependent. What's polite in one culture may be considered rude in another. For example, there are some places in which it's polite to refuse a gift the first time so as not to appear too eager, only for the giver to insist. In others, that would be considered dismissive on the part of the recipient and pushy on the part of the giver. In some cultures, it's considered polite to clear your plate, to show that you really enjoyed your food. In others, this implies that you think your hosts have underfed you and is very rude!

A lot of American ideas about politeness are aligned across the entire country - but not all! In some areas, minding bread-and-butter etiquettes such as thank you notes, remembering P's and Q's, and dressing appropriately is very important. In others, treating someone's time respectfully by keeping it brief and efficient is considered paramount. 

This depends on a lot of factors, from education to class to whether you're in a rural or urban area - but you can also assess it by state and region. That means if you tell us about your manners, we can point you to a place that they will surely be appreciated. Why learn to be polite, after all, if you can find a place that you'd already be considered polite?

Do you know how to insult someone with a smile?

Do you know the rules of etiquette?

Do you trust but verify?

Do you live by the Golden Rule?

Do you know how to dress for any occasion?

How rude is wasting people's time?

Do you take to strangers easily?

Do you know how to host a dinner party?

Do you ever look at your phone at dinner?

How would you start an email to a friend?

How would you close an email to someone you don't know?

How do you thank someone for a nice evening?

Do you always mind your P's and Q's?

Do you always RSVP?

What do you bring to a dinner party?

You arrived early for a dinner. What do you do?

You're going to a morning wedding that didn't specify a dress code. What do you wear?

Someone is treading on your toe. How do you handle it?

How much do you curse?

Do you let other drivers go ahead?

If someone forgot to pay back a loan, how would you remind them?

How much do you gossip?

Do you eavesdrop on other people's conversations?

How do you answer the phone when you don't know who is calling?

If your host at an event was being racist, what would you do?

What form of civic participation do you do?

If you see someone trying to change a tire and struggling, what do you do?

There is one donut left. You want it. What do you do?

Someone ate your lunch at work! What now?

Your neighbor's music is too loud. What do you do?

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