Which Spiritual Ability Do You Secretly Possess?

By Zoe Samuel on April 19, 2018

About This Quiz

Spiritual abilities can be dictated by anything from the stars we are born under to whom our parents were. In some cultures, even blood type is considered an indicator of spiritual potency and leaning. Everyone has instincts, those little voices that urge caution or to throw caution to the wind. When we listen to those voices and things pan out, we credit that to our spiritual abilities.

There are tales of people who intuit that their loved ones are in peril, or that their homes are in danger, or that the weather is about to change. There are people who with a few words, can calm even the most agitated people. There are even people who claim to have seen what the future holds, and can make plans for when that time arrives.

Where do your spiritual talents lie? Do you possess benevolent abilities that help others, or yourself? Do you have a natural insight into the motives of others, or are your spiritual sights set elsewhere? Do you have a secret understanding with animals that goes beyond words? Or perhaps you just know how to make art that induces tears of joy.

Find out your spiritual ability with the help of this quiz!

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