Which Soap Opera Should You Star In?

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You've often thought that your life is like a soap opera. Now, it's time you star in one of your own. Let's find out exactly which soap opera you'll debut in!

Which occupation would be best for you?

Would your friends say you are dramatic?

Which television medical show do you like most?

Which soap opera actress do you like most?

Which soap opera role do you think you should play?

Where do you watch soap operas most often?

Are you a good actor?

Do you think you would play a soap opera villain?

Which reality show do you find most dramatic?

Who is your favorite General Hospital character?

What state would you most like to visit?

Do you think your life resembles a soap opera?

How would you take out your soap opera enemy?

Which Daytime Emmy award would you win?

What crime do you think your character would commit?

Which soap opera bad boy do you like most?

Which soap opera wedding did you like most?

Who got you into watching soaps?

What wedding theme would you choose for your soap opera wedding?

Which network do you watch most often?

Which soap opera actor do you like most?

What do you think is the happiest soap opera moment?

Which primetime soap opera do you like most?

Which celebrity would you like to play your leading man or woman?

Which aspect of your life is most like a soap opera?

Do you take a long time to get ready?

How many soap opera children would you have?

Who would attend red carpet events with you?

How would you describe your sense of style?

Would you feel shy on camera?

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