Which Sailor Scout are you?

By Ashley Duncan on February 14, 2018

About This Quiz

The Sailor Scouts were a group of average girls who were chosen to fight evil aliens who came to earth. These beautiful girls would transform and be able to channel the powers of their planets to stop the bad guys. Just about any child who loved cartoons during the '90s watched this one, and some still do, despite the fact that the show ended 20 years ago. We all had our favorites (Team Mars!) but which one would you be if you were magically zapped into the show? Find out with this quiz!

Would you be the not-so-fearless leader, Sailor Moon? She had a good heart but boy did she like to cry! Would you be Sailor Mercury? She was the smartest of the Sailor Scouts and was able to think her way out of every solution. Or would you have been Sailor Mars? She was the most disciplined, the most fearless and the one who meant business. Or what about Sailor Venus? She was the most fun, positive and outgoing of the scouts. Or are you meant to be Jupiter? She was quite the fighter and the one scout you could always count on to have your back. If you miss this old-time cartoon and you want to find out who you'd be, give this quiz a try!

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