Which Red Sox Player Throughout History are You?

By: Joshua Laurent
Image: YouTube

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The Boston Red Sox have one of the longest and richest baseball traditions in the United States. There have been dozens of Hall of Famers, but if a body-switching event occurred, which player would you become?

Of the following, which is your favorite current Red Sox player?

What's your favorite position in baseball?

Of the following, who was the best Red Sox outfielder?

What do you think about Johnny Damon?

How many Red Sox games do you watch on TV or attend every year?

What's the most important aspect of the game?

Who is the best Red Sox broadcaster of all time?

What's the best kind of baseball game to attend?

How far had you gotten by your senior year in high school with the opposite sex?

What do you think about instant replay in baseball?

Which baseball team do you hate the most?

Who was your favorite allegedly performance enhancing power hitter?

Should the All-Star Break be longer?

What's the biggest problem with Fenway Park?

Which was the best Red Sox run to the World Series?

Which team always seems to give the Red Sox the most trouble?

Which player were the Red Sox most stupid in trading away?

Which Red Sox infielder of the last 30 years doesn't get the credit he deserves?

While you didn't want to admit it, which Red Sox player of the last 20 years got under your skin and you were glad to see them go?

Who is the best player to ever put on a Red Sox uniform?

Who was your favorite Red Sox manager of the last 30 years?

Of the following, what's the best baseball movie?

Of the following, what's the worst baseball movie?

The current regular season is 162 games. How many games should the regular season be?

What baseball belief makes no sense?

What hurts the traditions of baseball most?

What's the best baseball-themed song?

What's the best street around Fenway Park?

What's the best baseball park after Fenway Park?

What shouldn't cost so much in baseball?

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