Which Rare Animal Is Your Patronus?

By Khadija Leon on April 17, 2018

About This Quiz

First introduced in the third installment of the Harry Potter book series ("Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"), the Patronus charm is a defensive spell that produces an animal guardian to protect the wizard or witch who cast the spell from Dementors. It is a very advanced form of magic that only a select few groups of witches or wizards can cast, and as such is an extraordinary spell.

The Patronus takes a different animal form depending on the person who cast it. They can take the form of regular animals and magical creatures. For example, Hermione Granger's is an otter, while Ron Weasley's is a Jack Russell Terrier. In some cases, there are people whose Patronus can change and take the form of an animal which was the Patronus of someone else, like Harry and Professor Snape. 

While there are many quizzes out there that will tell you which animal your Patronus will be, there aren't many that will tell you which of the world's rarest animals it could be. If you would like to find out which one of them will be shooting out of your wand after you say the words "Expecto Patronum," then you should definitely take this quiz!

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