Which Prehistoric Period Would You Be From?

By Zoe Samuel on May 02, 2018

About This Quiz

Human history is full of fascinating events, but there's another period that is (probably) just as exciting in its own way: prehistory! That means the period before there was civilization, and in some people's opinion, it also includes the period when there was civilization but not much in the way of writing.

How do we know what actually happened in this era? There are various ways. Some of this involves studying artifacts such as beakers, arrowheads, and other basic tools. Sometimes it's about the art, much of which is beautifully preserved in caves. 

Sometimes it's all about digging up old remains. This can mean skeletons, sure, but it also means finding bodies like that of Otzi the caveman, whose frozen corpse was found in such good shape in the Swiss Alps that people actually investigated his death as a recent murder... only for it to be clear that the body was 5,000 years old. The twist: they found an arrowhead embedded in his body showing that he was, in fact, a murder victim! 

Further information can be gathered from the ancient DNA revolution in which population genetics can shine a new light on migration, displacement, and interbreeding.

All together, that means we have a pretty good idea what was going on before there was any way of properly recording it. So let's find out where you'd have fit in!

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