Which Pink Lady are you?

By Artimis Charvet on February 07, 2018

About This Quiz

If you were a fan of Grease (the hit 1978 movie starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as two lovesick teens) then you'd know all about the groups in the movie. While Danny (Travolta) was a bad boy and a member of the T-Birds, Sandy (Newton-John) was a good girl and part of the Pink Ladies. 

The Pink Ladies was not an easy crew to get into and consisted of the hottest girls at Rydell High School. They have the craziest sleepovers, drink alcohol, go out at very late hours and smoke- despite being teenagers. Which member of this crew would you be? 

Are you Jan- the cute, funny and silly Pink Lady who always has a smile on her face? Or are you Frenchy- she's very bubbly, friendly but can be a bit flighty at times? Maybe you're Marty- the Pink Lady who loves gossip and tries to act sophisticated (most of the time). Or maybe you're the upfront leader of the group, Rizzo. She is as saucy as they come and can be very mean when she wants to be. 

If you had to rule Rydell High while wearing a pink jacket, who would you do it as? Take this fun quiz to find out! 

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