Which Pee-wee's Big Adventure Character Are You?

By: Joshua Laurent

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Can you believe it's been 30 years since this Tim Burton classic was created? Which of the characters really stuck with you and has reflected who you've been in life?

I know you are, but what am I?

Which minor character in the movie is your most favorite?

Which minor character in the movie is your least favorite?

Which Pee-Wee's Playhouse character should have been in the movie?

Where do you think the Pee-Wee Herman character topped out developmentally?

What should you do when you knock over a bunch of motorcycles?

Who has the best uncredited cameo in the movie?

What was the cutest animal Pee-Wee saved from the pet store?

Which was your favorite non-human character on Pee-Wee's Playhouse?

What would a better ending of the movie have been?

On a scale of 1-to-4, with 4 being the best, what did you think of the movie after you saw it the first time?

On a scale of 1-to-4, with 4 being the best, what did you think of the movie after you saw it multiple times?

How many times have you seen the movie?

When somebody says the movie is stupid, what do you say?

What is your favorite color bicycle?

Where's the best place to view a movie?

Which is Elizabeth Daily's best film after Pee-Wee's big adventure?

Which is Elizabeth Daily's best voice over work?

Which is Paul Reubens best movie that isn't Pee Wee Herman related?

What did you think of Big Top Pee-Wee?

What is your favorite Mark Holton character?

A new Pee-Wee movie was released on Netflix recently. Your thoughts?

What is your favorite Tim Burton movie aside from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure?

If could have dinner with Pee-Wee Herman and a President, who would it be?

Rumors of a "dark" Pee-Wee Herman movie being made are out there. Would you see it?

What's the coolest place in America?

What's the best song in the movie?

Is the film the right length of time?

Pee-Wee has to change the color of his bowtie. What should he go with?

What's the best quote in the movie?

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