Which Outlander Dude Should You Date?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

When it comes to television, producers and casting directors know exactly what they're doing when they sprinkle a little -- or a lot -- of eye candy into the mix. They give us something to ogle at. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, sometimes we make these delectable pieces of eye candy our imaginary boyfriends. 

How many of you made Khal Drogo and Jaime Lannister your Game of Thrones boyfriends? See what we mean? These men are there for way more than acting and they exist in virtually every show. Today, we're going to focus on Outlander. 

Should you date Jamie? Talk about a sweetheart! He's gorgeous, smart and can speak many languages. Or maybe Fergus is more your type. This man's French accent will have you so distracted that you won't notice his height or his lies. What about Lord John? If you prefer an elegant and refined man, he may be for you. Or maybe Murtagh is more your speed. It doesn't take much to please him and he's as loyal as they come. 

So, if you want to know which Outlander guy you should date (in your head of course, because stalking is wrong) take our quiz. You may just find out you have a thing for the rugged type! 

Do you mind if he has lots of prior experience?

Are you the marrying kind?

What sort of hair do you like?

Do you mind if he is in the closet?

Do you know how to be thoughtful when your partner has trauma in their past?

Do you love a man in a kilt?

What sort of house do you want to live in?

How important is money to you?

What food do you want to eat?

How do you want to travel?

What do you want to wear

Do you mind being smarter than your man?

What languages do you speak?

Do you fight?

How independent are you?

Do you care about Scottish independence?

Do you believe in fate?

Do you believe in magic?

Are you a witch?

Could you live without a nice warm house?

How hairy do you like a man?

What build do you like?

Do you read a lot?

Could you run a business?

Have you ever had staff?

Do you mind uncertainty?

Do you mind constant rain?

Do you mind your man telling you what to do?

How do you want to meet?

If you found yourself in the 1740's, what issue would you care about most?

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