Which One of These Is Not Like the Others: Animal Edition

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The animal kingdom is composed of millions of eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms which come from many different species and habitats all across the world. From the ant which is smaller than a centimeter to the majestic blue whale which weighs almost 300, 000 pounds, they all play an important role in maintaining the ecosystem. Some animals have even evolved from a common ancestor, and although they look different and live in different habitats, they are distant relatives. 

Animals can be grouped in many different ways, from the class of animals to their feeding habits, to the place that they are found in and whether they are endangered or extinct. Some animals look nothing like each other but surprisingly share a few things, for example, the box jellyfish, the coastal taipan and the Brazilian wandering spider come from three different animal groupings but they are all some of the world's most poisonous animals. 

Which of these animals is not like the other? Will you be able to identify the odd one out of the group if you were given images of different animals? What will be the commonality between the others that makes the single animal different? There is only one way to find out, and that is by taking this quiz!

Rottweilers, English mastiffs and bulldogs are all types of dogs, while the Fennec fox is a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara and Arabian desert.

Kohaku, tancho and shiro utsuri are all different types of koi fish, while the lionfish, sometimes referred to as pterois, is a marine fish which has spiky venomous fin rays.

The Fiddler crab, ranina ranina and the hermit crabs all fall into the species of crab, while the carp is an invasive species of fish which also happens to be (a species of it, the koi carp) the national animal of Japan.

The beetal, alpine goat and pygmy goat all belong to the species of goats. The okapi on the other hand, is an artiodactyl mammal and distant relative to the giraffe. It is found in regions of Central Africa.

The Guineafowl, grouse and cochin chicken are all types of game fowl and although the emu is also a type of bird, it differs from the fowl in its size, genus and ability to fly.

Tigers, lions and jaguars are all members of the “big cat family” which all come from the Panthera genus. The Karabakh horse is a type of racing horse which also happens to be the national animal of Azerbaijan.

Crab, krill and lobster are all types of marine crustaceans whose bodies are composed of segments. The hawksbill sea turtle is an endangered turtle found in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific Oceans.

The ostrich, emu and kiwi are all birds who (through evolution) have lost their ability to fly. The Holly blue is a butterfly which is silvery blue in color with ivory dots on the edges of its wings.

The pufferfish, poison dart frog and Greenland shark are all poisonous animals; meaning that their flesh is toxic if consumed by humans and or even touched. The seven-spotted ladybug is a common and harmless insect.

The German shepherd, poodle and boxer are all breeds of domestic dog while the red wolf is a type of wolf. The two relatives differ in teeth size, the shape of the tail and paw patterns.

The Emperor, Adelie and crested penguins are all types of penguins and as such, are also flightless birds. The black-tailed godwit is a log-legged shorebird found in different types of the world based on the time of year and breeding period.

The Russian blue, the American bobtail and the Devon rex are all types of domesticated cats. The leopard, on the other hand, is a member of the “big cat family” which is found in parts of sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Asia.

The Andaman boobook, the Javan owlet and the subtropical pygmy owl are all types of owls, while the mute swan is a waterfowl which can be found in Eurasian and northern African countries.

The Yorkshire terrier, Maltese and greyhound are all different breeds of dogs while the European (pine) marten belongs to the mustelid family, along with the otters, badgers and weasels.

Humans, gorillas and chimpanzees are all examples of apes, a branch of the Old World tailless primates. The spider monkey falls into the group of New World monkeys, all of which have prehensile tails.

The American alligator, Hawaiian monk seal and the American black bear are all animals found only in North America. The ring-tailed lemur, like all other lemurs, are only found on the African island of Madagascar.

The Homopus, radiated tortoise and the leopard tortoise are all types of tortoises, while the box turtle is a type of turtle. Both types are reptiles, but the tortoises are land dwellers while the turtles live in the water. The tortoises’ shells are also heavier than the turtles’.

The Hylidae, poison dart frog and Xenopus are all different types of frogs, while the iguana is a herbivorous lizard native to the tropical regions of Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

The giant panda, the brown bear and the ursinae are all types of bears, while the dugong or sea cow is an extinct herbivorous marine mammal which was once found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

The spiny devil fish, the starfish and the pipefish are all fish which are unable to swim. Instead, some of them shuffle through the sand, drift in the water or move around by rapid movement of their bodies. The Siamese fighting fish is an excellent swimmer typically found in aquariums.

The hammerhead shark, wobbegong and sand shark are all different types of sharks. Although the dolphin is also an aquatic animal, it differs in that it is a mammal and it is also not an apex predator.

The St. Bernard, Pomeranian and Akita are all breeds of domesticated dogs while the European bison is a large threatened animal found in small areas throughout Europe.

Narwhals, killer whales and humpback whales are all types of whales, while the walrus, which despite being a semi-aquatic marine mammal, falls into the pinniped category and are known for their prominent tusks.

Mandrills, geladas and white-headed capuchins are all types of monkeys. The wombat is a short-legged herbivorous marsupial which is found in the shrublands and mountainous regions of Australia.

Ragdolls, the Maine coon and Cornish rexes are all breeds of domesticated cats, while the Baird’s tapir is a species of tapir found in Central and South America. It is known for the markings on its face and can weigh between 300 and 900 pounds.

The Dodo bird, woolly mammoth and the great auk are all extinct animals, some of which scientists are considering bringing back from extinction. The racoon, on the other hand, is a very common animal found in many parts of the world.

Cockatoos, lovebirds and lorikeets are all different types of parrots. Although the Andean condor is also a bird, it is a bird of prey which falls into the Vulture genus and has a wingspan exceeding 10 feet.

The flying fox, microbats and megabats are all different species of bats, while the red-lipped batfish is an unusual fish found in the waters around the Galapagos Islands and Peru. They were so-named because of their distinctive bright red lips.

The artic fox, the red fox and the culpeo are all types of foxes. The papillon is a domesticated breed of dog whose name means butterfly in French. It was given that name because its ears, once raised, looks like butterfly wings.

Whales, sea lions and walrus, are large aquatic mammals while the elephant is the largest terrestrial mammal. There are three species, the African bush, African forest and Asian elephant, which are named because of where they are found.

Apidae, bumblebees and honeybees are all different types of bees. The mosquito is also a flying insect but belongs to the Culcidae family. They are known for consuming blood from different hosts.

Tarantulas, widow spiders and golden silk orb-weavers are all types of spiders. The dragonfly is a type of insect which has two pairs of wings and a set of multi-faceted eyes.

Chameleons, iguanas and Gila monsters are all types of lizards which fall under the larger umbrella of reptiles. The king cobra is a venomous species of snakes which are found in India and Southeast Asian countries.

Skipper, swallowtail butterfly and pearl-bordered fritillary are all types of butterflies. The green pheasant is a subspecies of the common pheasant which is endemic to the Japanese archipelago.

The American alligator, Chinese alligator and the black caiman are all members of the Alligatoridae family. The iguana is a herbivorous lizard which is native to the tropical regions of the Western Hemisphere.

The Scottish fold, Chartreux and exotic shorthair are all breeds of domesticated cats. The Shiba, on the other hand, is a breed of dog, which as a puppy, has been said to look like a cat.

The Cuban trogon, the Indian elephant, and the Philippine eagle are animals which have countries included into their names. The lynx is a wildcat which includes a few living species; the Eurasian, Canadian and the Iberian.

The bald eagle, the golden eagle and the harpy eagle are all types of eagles, while the Indian or blue peafowl is a large bird known for its beautiful fan-like feathers. Despite popular belief, they are able to fly.

The Emperor tamarin, the lesula and the pygmy marmoset are all types of monkeys while the opossum is the largest marsupial found in the Western Hemisphere. This animal is known for living in many different types of weather and habitats.

Kangaroo, koalas and wombats are all members of the Marsupiala family and are all found on the continent of Australia. The sloth is a tree-dwelling mammal found in the rainforests of Central and South America.

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