Which of the 4 Types of Sugar Addict Are You?

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About This Quiz

For most people, desserts and sweet types of junk food are a quick way to satisfy a sugar craving. But for others, this type of craving can lead to a mild or severe form of addiction! Many different behavior traits are also associated with various types of sugar addictions, which may include mood swings, fatigue, increased hunger levels and, in more extreme cases, feelings of sadness and depression. In fact, some people even use sugar as a way to cope with stress.

Being a sugar addict isn't just about satisfying your sweet tooth, as it's also associated with the sensation of a "sugar rush." This is a feeling of increased happiness and energy that comes from eating foods that have a high amount of sugar in them. But be careful, though, because a sugar rush can often lead to a sugar crash. This is the polar opposite of a sugar rush, as this type of feeling is correlated to sadness, fatigue and an overall state of being sick or ill. 

But as long as you enjoy sugar in small amounts, then you don't really have much to worry about! So for now, grab a small snack and take our sugary quiz to curb your sweet tooth!

Would you ever want to embark on a 30-day diet that doesn't include any extra sugar at all?

How often do you typically eat junk food, sweets and desserts?

We know you're feeling cranky, so we're offering you one of these desserts!

Do you think it's better to bake your own desserts or buy them from a grocery store?

You haven't had any sugar in over 24 hours! How are you feeling right now?

If you couldn't eat any sugar for the rest of your life, what would you eat instead?

Sugar isn't just hidden in food – it's in drinks as well! Which of these sugary beverages do you currently need in your life?

If you could describe a sugar rush in one phrase, which of the following would you use?

We're taking you to an ice cream parlor, but first, you have to tell us what your favorite flavor of ice cream is!

We just brought Candy Land to life, which means you're about to transform into which of these classic characters?

A sundae without any toppings is just a boring bowl of scooped ice cream. What would you top a sundae with?

A candy curse has just been placed on you, which means that you can only eat one of these candy bars for the rest of your life!

Sugar cravings can happen anytime, anywhere. When do you tend to experience sugar cravings?

When you eat a whole bunch of sweets, do you feel more tired or energized?

If I gave you a cup of black coffee, how would you spruce it up to make it more sweet?

Some desserts can be quite spicy, such as habanero ice cream! Is this something that you would want to try?

We sense that you're feeling pretty stressed out right now. Are you craving more salty or sweet foods?

When it comes to drinking water, do you go for the regular stuff or do you prefer flavored water?

It's 10:15 p.m., which means it's time for a quick trip to McDonald's! Which of these sweet treats are you going to order?

Admit it – you have a secret stash of sweets and desserts that we're not aware of, right?

If someone offered you $100 to refrain from eating sugar for three whole days, would you accept this offer?

You're in a line at the grocery store when you see a yummy candy bar calling your name. Are you going to buy it?

Don't worry, we've got breakfast covered for today. But before you go back to sleep, tell us what you want to eat!

Is there such a thing in life as too much sugar, or is this a ridiculous statement?

Today is doughnut day, which means it's time for you to pick one of these flavored doughnuts to snack on!

Everybody loves a good birthday cake, right? But what's the best part about a cake for you?

Do you think that fruit is a good substitute for sweets, or is this just a delicious imposter?

It's always good to pack a lunch for yourself. Which of these sweet treats would you pack?

Hawaiian bread is a sweet type of bread, but would you consider this to be a dessert?

Would you rather earn a $50 gift card to a buffet or a $25 gift card to a candy shop?

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