Which Noble Gas are You?

By: Artimis Charvet
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About This Quiz

There is no doubt about it; you are noble, majestic, truly one of a kind. But how can a majestic being such as yourself go on without knowing which noble gas you like the most? Best take our quiz and find out exactly which of the noble gasses you're most like!

Which scientist would you like to eat lunch with?

What was your favorite class in school?

What kind of books do you like most?

What do you find most interesting about science?

How many friends do you have?

When you are in a group, what would you most likely find yourself doing?

What's your idea of a good time?

Do you mind the cold?

Which of these artists do you prefer?

Do you like to read?

What kind of people annoy you most?

What's your take on violence?

Which celestial body do you feel most drawn to?

What type of art do you prefer?

What skill do you bring to the table?

What kind of dreams do you usually have?

Which of the following do you think is most underrated?

On a scale of one to four, with four being the most, how serious are you?

Which language would you rather learn?

If you were a scientist what kind would you be?

Which element do you find yourself drawn to?

As a poet, how successful will you be?

In school, what would you have gotten in trouble for?

What's more important to you?

Do you loose your temper easily?

How would you describe your personality?

Who are you in a fight?

Would you rather go to a local poetry reading or stay home and watch "The Voice?"

Are you good at keeping secrets?

What group were you a part of in school?

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