Which Natural Disaster Describes You when You're Angry?

By Teresa M. on January 31, 2018

About This Quiz

Does hell hath no fury like you when you are angry? Sometimes our anger can turn us from a gentle lamb into a raging hurricane, blowing debris across a parking lot. When your buttons are pressed, do you get frosty and silent or do you let it all out? No matter how loud your angry thunder might be, we bet that there's a natural disaster that can sum you up when you are hot under the collar. 

You might be as destructive as a typhoon or as dangerous as a flood when you've finally had enough, but it probably takes you a while to get there. Mother Nature doesn't produce her miraculous weather overnight, either. Usually, it's a matter of pressure building up before she unleashes it in epic, natural disaster proportions! This quiz will take a look at the way you behave when you are calm and the way you behave when you are angry. Then we'll sum up your temperament with one of Mother Nature's storms. 

Are you as loud as a howling tornado or as subtle as storm surge when you are ticked off? Tell us how you respond, and we'll get to the heart of your brute, natural forces! Buckle up. This is going to be a wild, storm-chasing ride! 

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