Which My Little Pony are You?

By: Amanda

About This Quiz

With a theme of Friendship is Magic, My Little Pony has captured audiences worldwide, both male and female alike. Are you brainy Twilight Sparkle, soft hearted Fluttershy, athletic Rainbow Dash, or party girl Pinky Pie? Take the quiz to find out!

Princess Celestria wants you to learn about humility. What type of charity do you spend your time at?

What is your life's goal?

What is one of your hobbies?

What makes you angry?

Do you have any roommates?

What would your cutie mark most look like?

What color mane would you have?

What style would your mane be in?

What color would your coat be?

What is your favorite food?

Who do you look up to?

What one word would people use to describe you?

What is one of your talents?

When you were in high school, what was your role?

What subject in school was your favorite?

If you were to take a vacation, where would you go?

What song do you most identify with?

What movie is closest to being your favorite?

What kind of pet would you like (or have)?

Twilight Sparkle is throwing a big slumber party! What do you bring with you?

If we were to look at your bookshelf, what kind of books would we see?

It is Nightmare Night, Ponyville's equivalent of Halloween. What costume do you wear?

What one item would you hate to lose?

What kind of person would you be attracted to?

What job would be your dream job?

Princess Celestria has a mission for you, which requires a lot of research. How do you react?

This time around, Princess Celestria has a mission which includes a lot of physical activity. How do you react?

You're taking a trip to Canterlot. Where do you go first?

Rarity needs some models for her fashion show and recruits you. How do you handle this?

Applejack needs help on the farm. What job do you take up?

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