Which Muppet Are You?

By Artimis Charvet on February 02, 2018

About This Quiz

Jim Henson's Muppets are true American classics! Steeped in creativity, each Muppet has its own personality and way of navigating the theatre world! Whether you are as sassy as Miss Piggy or as pragmatic as Kermit, we are certain that one of our beloved characters matches you to a tee! Often hilarious, and sometimes endearing, the Muppets will forever remain in our hearts. 

Are you as lovable and goofy as Fozzie Bear, or are you as neurotic as Gonzo? This quiz will examine the things that make you tick and the things that make you crazy. We'll take a look at your sense of humor and the things you value. Then, we'll be able to tell you which Muppets character you could magically be transformed into and no one would ever notice! Try choosing the answers that speaks loudest to you, and you'll give us an accurate picture to run though our complex matrix of Muppet matching. 

While we know that you are not operated by a puppet master, we also know that you love the Muppets. We're going to make you giggle when you find out which fuzzy, adorable, imaginative character you are most like at heart! Are you as ready as we are? 

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