Which MTG Clan do you belong in?

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With the recent release of Kaladesh, discover which colors are calling your name! Will you play Mardu, Simic, Boros, or all five colors? Discover here!

Tell me, are you male or female?

Which one of these five goals appeals to you the most?

If you were free to live in the wild, far away from the civilized cities of men, what is your ideal habitat?

On the other hand, if you must live in the cities of man, where do you find peace?

In a fight, your style is...

Are you more of a slob or a neat freak?

Choose the profession that best suits you...

Showing kindness is...

Choose a quote that suits you...

What would you rather be?

Select a phrase that most opposes your beliefs...

Happiness is...

If you had to conquer the world, what would your method be?

You decide that you really want to advance at your job, how do you go about it?

One of your co-workers steals a promotion out from under you by claiming your work as their own. You...

There is a red button before you. If you push it someone you do not know will die, if you do not push it within an hour you will die. What do you do?

Your greatest strength is...

Tell me your greatest weakness.

Death is...

If you were forced to choose between saving your friends and saving your family, which would you choose?

Choose a color combination...

Your home is raided, what do you do?

Which would you bring on a long journey?

What do you look for in a leader?

Favorite animal?

How do you face life's challenges?

Someone tells you a secret. What goes through your mind?

On your way home a storm starts up, what do you do?

Of the following, which set do you prefer?

How do you prefer to make money?

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