Which Monkey Are You Most Like?

By: Teresa M.
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

They say apples don't fall far from trees! With monkeys as our closest living species, there's no doubt still have similar traits. Let's find out which of our monkey relatives you are most like!

Do you like bananas?

Which famous monkey do you like most?

Are you a good singer?

Do you have a sneaky side?

What is your favorite part of the zoo to visit?

Which animal of the Chinese Zodiac do you think you are most like?

Which banana dessert would you like most?

Do you believe in evolution?

Which animal do you think is smartest?

Which character from "The Jungle Book" do you like most?

Which fruit do you prefer?

What would be your circus job?

Would you ever have a pet monkey?

Are you in touch with your animal instincts?

Which famous animal expert do you like most?

If you were a monkey, what would you spend your time doing?

What would you name a pet monkey?

What do you like most about monkeys?

Which jungle animal do you think is scariest?

Do you spend a lot of time monkeying around?

What costume do you think is cutest on monkeys?

Do you think the flying monkeys in "The Wizard of Oz" are frightening?

How would you friends describe your work?

Would you say you are social?

If you had a pet monkey, what would you train it to do?

Who do you know that is most like a monkey?

Which monkey do you think is most beautiful?

What would you like most about being a monkey?

Can you still cross the monkey bars on the playground?

Would you like to visit the temple full of monkeys?

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