Which Modern Prince Is Your Soulmate?

By: Kennita Leon

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MOVE OVER, PRINCE CHARMING! There's a real-life prince in our midst and he's your soulmate! If you're asking, "which one," that's a good question because there's quite a few! From England to Sweden to Greece, which modern prince is your soulmate?

When we first think of falling in love with a prince, our minds might immediately travel to an animated Disney one; there's Prince Charming, Prince Eric and Prince Naveen and we can't forget about Aurora's prince, Phillip. Rather than dwell on these animated princes, we're interested in the real-life Prince Phillip! 

Princes and princesses often seem like a thing of the past or an idea we'd see in a film, but that's not true! England's royal family isn't the only line still set with princes. With all these modern princes still floating about, which one of them is your soulmate?

Are you set to be with Prince Pierre of Monaco? This blonde hair, blue-eyed businessman might be the heartthrob for you. Maybe you never got over your crush on Prince Harry! This U.K. royal can stop anyone in their tracks with his red hair and blue eyes. A "reformed bad boy," this prince knows how to treat a lady right, but you can be sure to be in for a lifetime of fun!

Rather than loving a fairytale prince, we're helping you choose a real-life one. Which modern prince is your soulmate?

Where do you think you'd meet your prince?

How would you have gotten his attention?

Which sexy celeb should your prince remind you of?

On which continent should your prince live?

How rich should he be?

On a scale of one to four, where one is the least and four is the most, how important is it that your prince be handsome?

What quality in your prince would you fall for?

Aside from his native tongue, what language would be a complete turn on if your prince was fluent in?

What activity would your prince introduce you to?

If his royal highness were to name a flower after you, what kind would it be?

If your guy was a Disney prince, who would he be?

What kind of wife would you be?

How extravagant would the wedding be?

Which real life palace will you model yours after?

Which royal pet would live in the castle with you?

Would your prince start a war for you?

Would his family approve of you?

Where would you have your summer home?

What cause would you take up as a princess?

What's the best thing about being with a prince?

Where would you and your prince be in five years?

How long was your longest relationship?

What do you and your boyfriends usually argue about?

What's the one thing your refuse to compromise on?

Who usually ends most of your relationships?

What's the best spot for a first date?

What's the one quality you look for in a partner?

Do you get upset if your man doesn't text you right back?

What word best describes your love life?

What should soulmate be?

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