Which MBTI Personality Should You Date?

By: Kennita Leon
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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a test that ultimately lets us know how we perceive the world and make decisions. Some of these personality types are more suitable for us to date than others, so which MBTI should you go out with?

Do you know your Myers-Briggs personality?

Are you always in a relationship?

About how many exes would you say you have?

If you walked into a bar, which of these people would catch your eye?

Which of these turns you on the most?

The best first dates ...

The second date is movie night. What genre are you watching?

What kind of food are you ordering?

If your partner knows you inside out, what drink would they make you first thing in the morning?

How long are you with someone before saying 'I love you'?

Where would you boo bring you to get away from it all?

Ideally, your partner's job would involve ...

You tend to fall in love using your ....

Would you say that you fall in love quickly or easily?

What would you want your partner to do for you after a long day at work?

What's your biggest deal breaker?

What's the one thing you would never compromise one for the sake of a relationship?

Which of these actions would make you the most upset?

For which of these reasons are you most likely to cancel date night?

How do you deal with conflict in a relationship?

Have your past relationships ever affect current ones?

How or why do your relationships usually end?

In your group of friends, you are the ...

Which of these words means the most to you?

What do you usually do on weekends?

Who do you turn to for dating advice?

Do you need someone to feel complete?

Do you want to get married?

If someone had to propose to you, which of these backdrops would you want?

What's the key to making a relationship last?

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