Which Maze Runner Character are you?

Ashley Duncan

About This Quiz

Are you a ready-made runner like Minho, leader of the pack like Newt and Alby or perhaps rebellious like Thomas? Find out which Glade member you are!

How would you best describe your personality?

If you were trapped inside the Maze for one night, what would be your reaction?

What job do you want in the Glade?

Your best friend dies right in front of you, how do you react?

How would you get stung by a Griever?

What's your weapon of choice?

If you woke up in the box with no memory, what do you think would be your first reaction?

After everything started to change, who would you blame it on?

How do you feel about the three rules of the Glade?

What would you do after escaping the maze?

A Greenie arrived today. You...

Your friend sprints into the maze. They are not a Runner and will be banished if they get caught! You...

A beetle blade is nearby. It looks directly at you. You....

You have a memory! You...

Thomas and the others are preparing for battle! Do you go along?

What do you call Thomas?

What do you do when you meet the creators?

What would you do if you ran into a Griever

What would you see during the changing?

What's your favorite Maze Runner quote?

Favorite book in the series?

Which scares you most?

Some gladers are returning from the maze, but they won't make it since the walls are about to shut. Do you step in to help them?

Somehow, you managed to get rid of the Griever, but one of the Gladers is hurt and has been stung. You...

After you survived a night in the maze, when you come back you say?

Do you like to take risks?

How does the Glade make you feel?

Would you kill someone else?

How long have you been in the Glade?

Do you like to be alone?

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