Which Matching Tattoo Should You and Your Significant Other Get?

By Teresa M on February 04, 2018

About This Quiz

Not even marriage is forever! You know what is forever? Tattoos! Usually, tattoos are used to express individuality. However, you and your significant other are such an amazing unit, you should use tattoos to express your devotion for one another. Nothing says love like going under the needle for one another. But what kind of matching tattoos should you get? This quiz will help you take the guesswork out of such an important decision. 

Fill us in on all the gritty details of your relationship, and we'll scan the world's biggest tattoo sheet to find the tattoo that best sums up your love. Whether it's your favorite cartoon character or one another's initials, your couple's tattoo should perfectly match both of your personalities. Or maybe it should represent the way that you feel about one another. It's a huge commitment! If you are ready to take the step, you'll love the results! 

Have your significant other join you as you go through the questions. Getting a good picture of how the two of you make choices together will help us find the perfect tattoo for you. Or you can take it alone and share your results with your sweetheart later! Let's find out what kind of ink the two of you are getting! 

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