Which Marvel Villain Are You?

By Kennita Leon on February 07, 2018

About This Quiz

While one could argue whether DC or Marvel has the worst villains, there's no doubt that Marvel has some of the depraved in the comic book world. And if you're a true fan of all things animated or illustrated, you'll know that being bad is so much more fun than being a goody-two-shoes. So which Marvel villain would you be? Take this quiz to find out.

Are you Loki - Thor's half-brother and a trickster god whose mischievous ways knows no bounds? He'll impersonate anyone, lie, steal or cheat to get what he wants. Will you be the Red Skull - the genius baddie who loves structure and hates deviating from his plans? Are you Magneto - the villain who has a soft spot for his kind, has good intentions (at least if you really analyze them), but whose view of the world is skewed? Or will you be Venom - there are just no redeeming qualities about this guy - he'll go after people's families and laugh while he's doing it? 

Now that we've really piqued your interest, come find out who your alter-ego is, who you should dress up as for the next Halloween, or who you buy more memorabilia based off of in this Marvel villains personality quiz. 

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