Which Marvel Superhero Are You?

By Teresa M. on February 14, 2018

About This Quiz

The one question most superhero fans can't answer is which family the best do-gooders come from. Whether you're Team DC or Team Marvel, we're making it easy for you today by only focusing on one of them. Even if you don't necessarily like Marvel, we know there's at least one superhero you can admit is cool. And if you are a fan, then you probably can't even choose. 

So what if you had to choose one Marvel hero to be... who would you pick? The person you want to be versus the person you really are may be different. If you want to find out who that hero is, take this quiz! 

Will you be Iron Man? He doesn't actually have superpowers, but his intelligence, money and all-around badassness make up for it. What about Spider-Man? He's a smooth-talking human-arachnid mix who always gets his enemies caught up in his web.  Are you Captain America? He almost never strays from the line of the straight and narrow and could probably be president of the world if he wanted to. Or are you Hulk? Hulk has some anger issues, but who doesn't? He has the best one-liners and is always down to "smash" something. These famous four are among Marvel's best. 

But the question remains, who are you really? 

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