Which Mario Kart Racer is your inner Driver? Quiz

By: Ashley D
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Whether you are racing against time to avoid that blue shell, or you like to sport a questionably fashionable moustache, it's important to know which of these eclectic choices embodies the true soul of your driving. And who knows? Maybe the results will hit you like lightning!

Which Mario game do you like most?

What kind of driver are you?

Which of these Nintendo lands would you like to live in?

When a racer passes you on the track you...

Jumping is a very____ability for someone to have!

Which tasty treat would you prefer?

Which Villain do you like best?

Which kind of music do you prefer?

Would you rather be cute, cruel, or cool?

Which Nintendo character do you dislike the most?

What snack did you pack in the glove compartment?

Why do you race?

What kind of track do you like?

What do you look for in a vehicle?

What is your weapon of choice?

Be honest, where do you usually place?

What's your favorite track in Mario Kart Double Dash?

What is your second favorite video game?

Who are you closest to?

Who is your Mario Crush?

Name a positive characteristic about yourself.

Now name one negative characteristic.

Are you a sore loser?

When driving, what do you prefer to listen to?

If someone were to pick you on Mario Kart, their reason would be:

Would you want to rule the world if you could?

Do you have or want a baby sister or brother? Or maybe an older one...

If you were going to a party what would you wear?

Which is your favorite color?

Would you call your self a good guy or a bad guy?

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