Which Mainstream Wave of Feminism Are You?

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As bell hooks said, "Feminism is for everybody," and there is no one way to do feminism. Take this quiz to find out what wave of feminism your beliefs fall under.

What is the most effective way for the voice of feminism to be heard?

What is ground zero in the fight for women's equality?

Can women "have it all"?

If women would simply "lean in," then:

Are some inequalities worse than others?

Should women wear makeup?

Does it matter how women dress?

Are women treated as equals today?

Are LGBTQ issues related to women's issues?

Is feminism intersectional?

How important is abortion access to women's equality?

Is feminism concerned with sexuality?

Is feminism concerned with environmental issues?

Are women's rights at all related to animal rights?

How do you feel about the War on Drugs?

Your feminist role model is:

Laws dictating what you can and cannot do to your own body are:

Is there a "right way" to do feminism?

Are there universal rights and wrongs?

You'd describe yourself as:

What do you think about "ladies first"?

What's the most effective way to address sexism?

What does an empowered woman look like?

How often do you think about your gender?

Does feminism look the same now as it did in the 1960s?

Why aren't women treated as equals to men yet?

Abortion should be:

What do you think about sex positivity?

Are conditions for women any better now than they were in the 1960s?

Are trans* rights related to women's rights?

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