Which Late Night Show Are You?

By: Joshua Laurent

About This Quiz

There are the same number of channels at night as there are during the day. So why does it feel like there's nothing on? When you're surfing the channels at midnight, which show speaks to you the most?

What time do you fall asleep at night?

What do you usually do 30 minutes before sleeping?

How many stations does your cable package have?

What's your favorite genre of television?

Who was the best host of The Tonight Show?

Which would you stay up late to watch?

How many televisions are in your home?

How many times in a month do you fall asleep with the television on?

How well can you work your remote control without looking at it?

What is the first thing you watch in the morning?

How many hours of television do you watch in a day?

Who was the greatest professional wrestler of all time?

Do you enjoy watching television sports with others?

What is the size of the largest TV in your home?

What do you watch on New Year's Eve?

How often do you talk about TV with friends or family?

If there's a horrible storm outside, what role does TV play?

What's your least favorite television genre?

Have you ever cancelled plans to stay home and watch television?

How late did you stay up watching TV on election night?

Do you watch many reruns?

Do you have Netflix or Hulu?

How many hours of news do you watch on TV every day?

Who controls the remote control in your house?

Who was the worst late night talk show host of the last 20 years?

What is your late night snack of choice?

Which network has the best local news where you live?

Which news item would you stay up the latest to watch?

If you couldn't watch TV after 9 p.m., what would you do?

If you had a late night show, what kind would you want it to be?

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