Which LA Neighborhood Should You Live In?

By Brian Whitney on March 26, 2018

About This Quiz

Ahh, Los Angeles. Is there another city in America that so many people love and so many other people hate? We don't get the haters. Why? Because there are so many different neighborhoods for you to check out when you live in LA. If you don't like the vibe of one, then check out another. 

There are some areas where all of the rich people live; some are where all the rad surfers spend their days chilling, and others where all of the Hollywood stars and the wannabees hang out. And then, there are some places in Los Angeles that pretty much no one wants to hang out, especially the people that have to live there. And, of course, you have other neighborhoods where there is some of the best shopping in the world, and we haven't even gotten to downtown yet, where all the business happens.

There are a lot of other cities in the country, and even in California that you might think are cooler than LA, but are there any that are more diverse? There literally is a neighborhood for every personality. Your personality is pretty diverse too. Before you move out to LA, maybe you should take this quiz and find out where you belong.

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