Which Johnny Depp Character Should You Date?

By: Teresa M.
Image: YouTube

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The day has come, and you finally get to go on that date with Johnny Depp you have been dreaming about forever. However, you only get to go out with him as one of his characters. Which one should you date?

What do you like most about Johnny Depp?

Who do you think was Johnny Depp's best leading lady?

When was the last time you watched a Johnny Depp film?

How did you feel about Johnny Depp playing Willy Wonka?

Where would you like to sail off to with Jack Sparrow?

What did you think of the film "Misery?"

Where would you go on your date?

Which Johnny Depp film do you like most?

What might you serve Johnny Depp for dinner?

What television series do you think Johnny Depp should make an appearance in?

What kind of movies do you watch most often?

Would you be nervous about your date?

What would you like Johnny Depp to wear on your date?

Have you ever gone on a blind date?

Besides Johnny Depp, what actor might you like to go on a date with?

Which actress do you think would make a great leading lady for Johnny Depp?

What would you do to calm your nerves before your date?

If your date told you to order a drink for him, what would you order?

What would the tabloids say about your date?

How big of a Johnny Depp fan are you?

Which actress do you think Johnny Depp should marry in real life?

If your date required a chaperone, who would you take?

What would you do if Johnny Depp kissed you?

Which of your personality traits would you want your date to see?

What mythical creature do you think Johnny Depp should play?

What sport would you like to play with Johnny Depp?

What do you hope happens on your date?

Which typical date activity would you like to do with Johnny Depp?

Would you introduce your date to your family?

Would you do anything special before your date?

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