Which Jeans Match Your Personality?

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Thanks to Jacob Davis' and Levi Strauss' 1873 invention, people have been sliding into a pair of cotton, indigo-dyed denim for more than a century. While initially made to be worn while tilling the soil or working the machines at the factory, they gradually caught on to become the style staple we know and love.

Since jeans are such a ubiquitous staple in most wardrobes, you might not give them a second thought. That would be a mistake, though. With so much variation, did you know that there's actually a unique style of jeans to match each individual's personality? That's right — you could very well be a pair of boot-cuts and never even know it.

Sure, you might slip into a pair of skinnies each day, but deep down, what if you're a pair of mom jeans? Maybe you've been wearing flares when you're clearly more of the wide-leg, high-waist type. When you match your jeans to your personality, you'll finally feel at home in your clothes. After all, they should function like a second-skin, right?

To find out what type of jeans match your personality, answer the following questions. Afterward, you'll truly know whether your pants "fit" you right.

If your life was a rom-com, which one would you want it to be?

Would you ever be caught dead in a pair of overalls?

Whether you're perusing the snack aisle or applying for schools, how good are you at making decisions?

Let's slide on some leggings, obviously the most comfortable thing you can put on your body, followed by jeans. What print or style will you choose?

Let's put a phone cover on your device. Which one will you choose?

If every job in the world had the same salary, which one of these would you want to be?

On an average day, what's your personal style like?

Which denim accessory would you like to adorn your jeans with?

You have some flight miles to burn. Which city would you love to visit?

Are you cool as a cucumber or do you tend to lose your cool?

Do you believe that rules are meant to broken?

Let's be real here. Which element is the most important part of your ideal job?

OK, imagine that you're really upset. What are you most likely to do about it?

Let's put on some earrings to complete your daily look. Which ones will you choose?

Everyone loves Keanu Reeves, but which Keanu Reeves do you love most of all?

Do you care about fitting in?

Let's say that you're feeling really emotional. Do you bottle your feelings up or let them out?

Time to slide into some brand-new shoes. Which ones will you choose?

Let's take a look at your desk. Can you describe it?

Imagine you ordered a delicious plate of nachos while at a restaurant with a few friends. Do you share them?

Let's pretend that your relatively new romantic partner's phone buzzes 24/7, and you don't know who they're always texting with. What do you do?

Time to spend forever picking a movie, only to end up watching the same show you always watch. Which go-to show is it?

Let's say that you want to volunteer somewhere. Which place would you like to help out at?

How sick do you have to be to call in sick for work?

It's a sunshiny day, and you can hear the ice cream truck playing its song. Naturally, you need to get something. What flavor will you order?

So, it turns out that you're going to be reincarnated as an animal in your next life. Which one do you hope to become?

Let's pretend that you're grabbing a bite to eat and the couple next to you is engaged in a heated discussion. Do you listen in?

What type of movie are you most likely to watch?

You're taking a trip to NYC! Which part of your vacation are you most excited about?

Are you more of a big picture or a detail-oriented person?

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