Which Ivy League School Should You Attend?

By: Jody Mabry
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The eight Ivy League schools offer their unique flavor of the affluent and established university life. People who attend the Ivy League do so either as part of a legacy or to build one. With their exemplary academics, competitive athletic programs, and nationally inspiring traditions, the Ivy League is considered some of the world's elite educational institutions. The question is: Which should you attend?

What is your favorite color?

How do you think school mascots should be chosen?

What is your favorite mascot?

What area of study are you interested?

In what state would you like to attend college?

What size undergraduate attendance would you like in a school?

Would you prefer more undergraduate or graduate students at school?

Who is your favorite president?

Do you want to join a fraternity of sorority?

If you joined a sport, what would it be?

How would your friends describe your personality?

How would your teachers describe you?

What Ivy League school do you despise?

Which Ivy League school do you love?

What is your favorite game day food?

How do you handle cold weather?

What is your favorite water sport?

What do you want to be when you graduate?

What kind of an education are you looking for?

How would you spend your time off studying?

What subject interests you most?

If you owned a business, what would your focus be?

How do you handle stress?

What is your favorite thing about the Northeast?

What is your favorite classic?

How do you feel about life?

How important is legacy to you?

What motivates you?

How far would you travel to attend your favorite university?

How proud would your parents be if you attended an Ivy League college?

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