Which Item from "Claire's" Like, OMG, Totally Matches Your Personality?

By: Tori Highley
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OMG! Where did you get that?! If your answer is Claire's this is the quiz for you! For those who love the glitz and glam at an affordable cost, Claire's is probably your favorite store. What we're here to figure out is which item, like totally matches your personality. Are you ready to find out?

Claire's was founded in 1961 as a retailer of jewelry and accessories. Since its launch, the store has grown to over three thousand in number all around the world and is aimed towards girls and women. From all the items in the store, which one goes with your personality?

With an assortment of items, Claire's actually covers a broad range of necessities. If you need jewelry, you'd find earrings, necklaces and bracelets. For hair products, you'd find bows and even clip-in extensions. In order to spruce up your look, you could even shop their beauty section. And if you need a case for your smartphone, they have that too! Which section does your Claire's item come from?

If you're young in age and at heart, you probably still love all things unicorn and glitter. For those who are constantly keeping up with the trends, you're probably some stylish ombre extensions! Rather than opting for the glitz and glam, you might be classy and understated like a rose gold hairpin. 

No matter what you are, since it's coming from Claire's you're sure to be stylish! Don't guess which item you are. Find out here! Answer these questions and we'll tell you which Claire's item goes with your personality!

What kind of bracelets did you collect as a kid?

Which Disney princess do you most relate to?

Which fantasy house would you rather live in?

What do you love wearing on your head every chance you get?

Which chore do you despise?

How do you love do have your nails done?

What is your favorite afternoon snack?

What do you and your friends love to do?

Which furry companion did you pine for as a kid?

What kind of earrings do you like the most?

Which holiday gets you most excited?

Who do you turn to for comfort after a bad day?

What is your favorite comfort food?

How do you usually keep your hair?

Which room is your favorite in your home?

How do you love to spend your spare time at home?

Which superpower would be the most convenient for you?

Which music artist puts you in a good mood during traffic?

Which jacket do you love wearing?

Which home spa treatment is your favorite self pampering?

Which chore is your favorite?

What piece of make-up is most essential for your favorite look?

Which fun coin purse would you love as a gift from your BFF?

Which sport did you play in high school?

Which necklace do you rely on to tie your outfits together?

What was your biggest fear as a kid?

What do you usually wear on your wrist?

Which candy is your favorite to munch on?

What kind of sunglasses make road trips the most fun?

How do you love to express yourself creatively?

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