Which Is It: Formula 1 or NASCAR?

By Steven Symes on June 13, 2018

About This Quiz

In NASCAR in your wheelhouse, or are you more open to Formula One? 

The feud between Formula One and NASCAR can get a little chippy at times. Both like to act as if they're top dogs in motorsports, with fans and even drivers spouting off all kinds of superlatives about their sport. The fact is that both are highly competitive and difficult racing environments that routinely chew up and spit out excellent racers, leaving only those with Superman-like abilities to duke it out for the top position. 

You could successfully argue that comparing Formula One and NASCAR is an apples-and-oranges sort of thing. After all, there are more differences than similarities between them. And yet, that fact actually seems to fuel the feud even more. After all, you don't see Formula One and IndyCar fans arguing about which is better. 

Then there are the stereotypes about the racers and fans for both sports. NASCAR is often characterized as low-brow, blue collar, and brutish. As for Formula One, it's cast in the light of rich snobs paying too much for an excuse to party, instead of caring about real competition. 

All arguing aside, how much do you know about these two motorsports? Take the quiz now and find out! 

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