Which Horse is Your Spirit Animal?

By: Artimis Charvet
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Horses represent inner strength and are a driving force of life. Do you know which kind of horse gallops within your veins? Take our quiz to find out!

How fast do you drive?

What was your favorite class in school?

What's your ideal continent to live on?

What's your favorite weather?

In school, what would you have gotten in trouble for?

What would your dream house look like?

Who's your enemy?

Who's your friend?

What do you worry about?

How individualistic are you?

Do you establish boundaries with others?

Do you live fast and die young, or go more carefully?

What's a strength of yours?

Are you dangerous?

What landscape do you like?

How many kids is enough?

What's your weakness?

If you're a dude, how do you want to live?

If you're a lady, how do you want to live?

Are you cute?

What's the ideal family setup?

How do you destroy your enemies?

Are you an introvert?

How tall are you?

What event would you participate in at a track meet?

How do you react to spiders?

How do you like your steak?

What is your drink of choice?

Where would you most like to spend a week alone?

What kind of hairstyle do you like to rock?

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