Which Horse Breed Is Your Spirit Animal?

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The relationship between horses and human beings goes way back into history. Horses have provided transportation, raw power, and companionship to people, and we have developed a strong connection to this graceful and majestic animal over the years. As is the case with dogs and cats, the horse is an animal that has become closely connected to the human experience. In this quiz, we'll explore that connection on the very deepest levels.

Through natural selection and selective breeding, there has been a wide range of horse breeds that have developed over the eons, with each developing characteristic physical and temperamental features. In matching you up with your equine spirit animal, we'll consider both the physical and behavioral aspects. In the end, we'll present you with a breed that epitomizes the very essence of who you are.

Perhaps you are the kind of person who is drawn to taking on intense challenges and pushing yourself to the very limit. If that's the case, there's a likelihood that you will feel a connection to those horses that shoot out of the starting gate and strive to wear a blanket of flowers in the winner's circle.

Or maybe you're the type that just keeps plodding along, taking on whatever burden is added to your back. If that sounds familiar, we think you'll feel a kinship with a particular draught horse that we have in mind.

As they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Your equine spirit animal is waiting; let's getting trotting over to the questions.

What pace is most comfortable for you to move at?

How well do you handle heavy problems?

Which beverage is most appealing to you?

How much traveling have you done over this past year?

How simple is your lifestyle?

Would you say that you're someone who is admired by others?

Are you high-maintenance or low-maintenance in a relationship?

How is your stamina?

Which description best fits your body type?

How far back can you trace your ancestors?

Which location would you rather visit?

When was the last time you lost your temper?

Which sport would you rather watch?

Do you tend to stand out or blend into a crowd?

Are you a model of sustainability?

Are you someone who thrives under intense pressure?

Which outfit are you most likely to wear to the racetrack?

How late will you generally stay up on a Saturday night?

How big is your heart?

Which gait best fits you?

Which description best fits your hair?

How big of an appetite do you have?

Which horse-related event would you rather attend?

Would you consider yourself to be a very sensitive person?

Which movie featuring a horse do you like the most?

Honestly, how much pampering do you require?

Which description best matches your love life?

How likely are you to get special recognition or an award for your work?

Are you more wild or tame?

Which horse coat color best matches your personality?

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