Which Holiday Are You Based On Your Sweet Tooth?

By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

All the holidays come with sweets and treats that blow our diets! Based on your sweet tooth, we'll be able to tell which holiday you would be! Don't believe us? Try it!

What kind of pie do you like most?

Which pumpkin spice treat do you like most?

Did you like Halloween or Christmas more growing up?

Which marshmallow treat do you like most?

What kind of hard candy do you like most?

How do you prefer to eat caramel?

Which flavor saltwater taffy would you buy?

Do you like licorice?

Which holiday cocktail would you try?

Which sundae topping would you prefer?

What salty treat do you like most?

What would you hide inside a plastic Easter egg?

Do you prefer handmade treats or store-bought sweets?

Which Ben and Jerry's flavor do you like most?

What is your favorite candy bar?

What is your favorite Cadbury Egg flavor?

Do you like gummy worms?

Which natural sweetener do you like most?

What would you add to a batch of Rice Krispie treats?

Which kind of jelly are you most likely to spread on toast?

Which yogurt flavor do you prefer?

Which minor holiday do you like most?

Which fruit might satisfy your sweet tooth?

Do you eat a lot of sweets?

Which type of muffin would you choose for breakfast?

What kind of soda do you like most?

Is there a certain seasonal treat you try to stock up on?

What treat would you add to a Christmas stocking?

What Sweet Tart flavor do you like most?

Do you go on a diet after the holidays?

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