Which Hogwarts Ghost are you?

By: Artimis Charvet

About This Quiz

This is a grave matter, I’m deadly Sirius. Which unearthly specter of the Wizarding World best matches your personality? Best find out by taking this quiz!

Pick a Bertie Bott's Flavor:

Which Horcrux would you rather try destroying?

Which spell did you use most often as a human?

Which magical creature would you rather try taming?

You find someone in need of help. They ask you if you want to help them find a lost item. What do you do?

If someone throws a book at you, what is your automatic act?

What's you're Blood?

What house do you think you are in?

How old do you think you'll be?

Pick a beverage:

Choose a role model:

Choose a book:

Describe yourself in a word:

Choose a wand:

You are a good friend because you _____.

Students are making a trip to Hogsmeade. What's your first stop?

Which is more important?

Which of these lessons would you prefer to study?

Are you confident?

What's your quidditch position?

What is your preferred magical pass time?

Which pet would you get?

Choose a location in the Wizarding World:

What type of potion would you brew?

Role Play: Neville Longbottom drops his books in the corridor. You-

What is your patronous?

Your O.W.L's come in how do you react?

Which character's death traumatized you the most?

An angry troll chases you down, what do you do?

Do you have any regrets from life?

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