Which Hipster Food Trend Matches Your Personality?

By Zoe Samuel on April 03, 2018

About This Quiz

Hipsters, as we know them today, began in the 1990s. At first, the trend was seen as an evolution of the retro obsessions of the 1990s, like the return of 1970s fashion, only the hipster focus seemed more fixated on the 1980s and 1950s. This subculture has had plenty of years to evolve, and it has affected the cultures of everything it touches, from tech to art to food.

Hipsters have popularized dietary trends as unique as their beard styles. From the food trends of the 1980s (the infamous juice cleanse) to the thoroughly contemporary (avocado toast) to the futurist throwback (paleo) hipsters have put their spin on food and changed the way menus are set up from Park Slope to Cupertino.

Of course, no two hipsters are the same. Hipster culture includes hipsters of all shapes and sizes and styles. Some hipsters prefer to wear simple clothes with ironic messages printed on them, while others go for a specific theme like retro video games, or simply "lumberjack." Being a hipster is a mutable concept, one that allows the same freedom of expression as cooking, and offers us a window into the other hipster choices hipsters make.

Answer a few short questions for us, get for a brief ride through Williamsburg on your fixie bike with us, and we'll tell you what hipster food trend is for you!

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