Which Greek Goddess Are You?

By Teresa M. on February 01, 2018

About This Quiz

The period of Ancient Greece was one of warring city-states, a struggling nascent democracy, and strife through the Mediterranean. The Greeks believed that all of their trials and tribulations were overseen by a group of deities who lived upon Mount Olympus. 

However,  unlike our modern conception of an all-seeing, benevolent god who forgives our every misdeed and loves us no matter what, the Greek gods and goddesses were subject to the same human frailties as their mortal creations: jealousy, ambition, thoughtlessness, cruelty, and anger. 

They were quite capricious, too, often wagering their worshipers' welfare against one another simply for fun, or tossing thousands of people into early graves just to achieve a short-term goal. They didn't truck with marital fidelity, either, regularly disguising themselves to seduce mortal lovers with whom they often had children.

They weren't all fellows, either. Indeed, among these powerful entities were a range of female deities who were not to be trifled with. They commanded the fertile soil, the ravages of war, the thrill of the hunt, and the often glorious and sometimes terrible adventure that is falling in love. The goddesses were every bit as strong, as greedy, and as heartless as their male counterparts, and woe betide anyone who stood in their way. Let's find out which of them you most resemble!

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