Which Greek God Are You?

By David Copper on February 14, 2018

About This Quiz

I know in this current day and age, the odds are pretty unlikely that you are a god of any kind. If I am wrong about that, then I apologize. Even though many of your friends and family may not have noticed,  you know that you have a lot of qualities that would have made you a darn good god back in  the days of Ancient Greece. But there were so many gods, all of whom had different qualities that made them memorable.

Are you brave, courageous and always ready to go to the mat to fight for what you believe in, like Ares, the God of War?  Do you work hard and go to any length to possess great riches, like Hades, the God of Wealth? Do your friends know you as someone who is clever and always playing tricks on everyone in your crew, like the Greek God Hermes? When your group gets together are you always the leader and protector of them all, like Zeus would be? Or perhaps you are like the beautiful Aphrodite and would be the goddess of fertility, love and beauty. Which of the ancient Greek gods is most like you? Take this quiz to find out.

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