Which Grease Group Do You Belong In?

By: Kennita Leon
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

Welcome to Rydell High School, the place where the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies rule the school. There are also the Jocks and they're all lead by a group of Oblivious School Teachers. So where do you belong?

How were you described in high school?

Which of these nicknames would you have been called?

Did you have many friends in high school?

Which of these groups were you in?

Which of these clubs would you have joined?

Did you party a lot in high school?

What kind of grades did you get in high school?

What did you drink the most of in high school?

What was your high school love life like?

What did you call your high school sweetheart?

Were you allowed to date in high school?

Where did you go on your first date?

What was your favorite class?

Which high school food could you not get enough of?

What were your parents like when you were in high school?

Did you smoke cigarettes in high school?

Did you watch lots of movies on the weekend?

Which high school movie could you watch over and over again?

If you were in "Mean Girls," which one would you be?

Honestly, where do you think you'd fit in, in Rydell High?

How do people describe you now?

How do you act when you meet new people?

Do you like to party a lot now?

What's your idea of a party?

Who was your favorite T-Bird?

Who was the prettiest Pink Pady?

Which teacher made you laugh the most?

Which song from "Grease" do you know word for word?

Finish the song lyric: "Summer lovin' ...."

What was the best moment in Grease?

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