Which good luck charm should you carry?

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About This Quiz

Everyone could use a little extra luck and some swear by good luck charms. If you want to increase your luck, which good luck charm should you carry? Take this quiz to find out. (Good luck!)

How lucky do you think you are?

What is the luckiest thing that has happened to you?

Which holiday mascot do you think is the luckiest?

Which number do you find the luckiest?

Do you have any lucky clothes?

Do you really believe in luck?

What country do you believe is the luckiest?

How do you feel when you hear others say that you make your own luck?

Do you have bad luck?

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

How much of a part do choices play in luck?

Do you believe that luck and success are related?

Which color do you think is the luckiest?

How much money would you have to win to consider yourself lucky?

Which actor do you think is the luckiest?

Do you believe that luck is earned?

Which actress do you think has the most luck?

When do you hope for luck the most?

Which good luck charm do you think you would like to have?

What do you do if you find a penny on the ground?

What's the difference between luck and fate?

Who is the luckiest person you know?

How would you increase your luck?

Do you think luck helps you reach your dreams?

Do you believe that knocking on wood helps with luck?

Why do you think people believe in luck?

Are you happy with your amount of luck?

Do you have a lucky day of the week?

Do you believe famous people are lucky?

Do you do anything special when you feel lucky?

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