Which George Orwell book should you read?

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If you're at all concerned about "Big Brother," totalitarianism, mind control or social injustice, then there's a George Orwell book calling out your name. Take this quiz to find out which of his thought-provoking works should be your next read!

Which is most concerning?

Have you read "Animal Farm" (1945)?

Could you take a book with talking, revolting barnyard animals seriously?

Has anyone ever accused you of being paranoid?

How do you feel about socialism?

Have you ever read "Nineteen Eighty-Four" (1949)?

Do you enjoy reading satire?

Are you political?

Have you ever read "Coming Up for Air" (1939)?

How do you feel about allegories?

Are you ever nostalgic?

Does technology pose a threat to freedom?

Can money buy happiness?

Do you believe in the "American Dream"?

Have you ever read "Keep the Aspidistra Flying" (1936)?

Do you know much about pre-WWII rural England?

Is the United States a democratic country?

How's the year 2017 treating you so far?

Your life aspirations can be summed up by which of the following:

How do you feel about materialism and consumerism?

Which of the following best describes your occupation?

Do you use social media?

You'd prefer to read something:

You'd describe yourself as:

Do you enjoy reading dystopian novels?

Does classism exist in modern society?

Do you know much about different types of government?

How do you feel about suburbia?

Do you ever feel "stuck"?

Do you believe the commercialized media have a significant influence on social and political views?

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