Which Gemstone Represents You?

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Precious and semiprecious stones have been important within human cultures since the days when our ancestors lived in caves. Some of them are innately valuable, like gold, because they do not rust or warp easily and are thus a useful proxy to use in replacing inefficient bartering systems with money. Others serve a valuable function, like diamonds, as they provide an impossibly sharp cutting edge (and these days, can be used in lasers) or are just very hard. Still others merely have a sparkle to them that stirs our inner dragon and makes us want to collect them, then alternatively hoard them or cut them up into pretty things to wear on our necks, ears, and wrists.

Beyond the most basic level, though, many of these stones have been thought to contain special meaning and powers. From healing to cursing to good fortune to soothing a tired mind, many semiprecious stones in particular hold a place of pride within specific cultures. So based on your personality and what you need in your life - whether it's a little bit of luck or a lot of protection from bad energy - let's find out which gemstone is the best symbol for you to adopt!

What do you think your best quality?

Which season does your birthday fall in?

Which mythical creature do you think best represents you?

Which island would you most like to visit?

Which birthstone do you think is prettiest?

Do you like diamonds?

Which word would your friends use to describe you?

Which outdoor activity are you most likely to try?

Which location do you find most appealing?

Which scent do you prefer?

Do you think you have a soothing effect on people?

What material would you use to make a countertop?

Do you think you are adventurous?

Which job do you think you might have had in a former life?

What school subject did you most enjoy?

What country would you like to visit for an extended stay?

Which ancient site would you like to see?

Which gemstone power are you most in need of?

Would you ever like to visit one of those places where you dig for your own gems?

Are you a good swimmer?

Which animal do you think might be your spirit animal?

Which word describes your current mood the best?

Do you believe that gemstones have power?

Have you ever been on a cruise?

What name might you give to a new pet?

Do you have a lot of will power?

Which of the elements are you most like?

Which natural disaster do you find most frightening?

Which hairstyle would best suit your personality?

Which essential oil do you think is most beneficial?

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