Which Futurama Character are You?

By: Teresa M.
Image: Curiosity Company, The, 20th Century Fox Television, Fox Television

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From 1999 to 2013, "Futurama" brought us the best in futuristic space world comedy. If you were an intergalactic being on Futurama, which one would you be?

What is your favorite animated sitcom?

Which celebrity inspires you the most?

What item of clothing can you be found lounging in most often?

What would you order on your pizza?

What are you most likely to study?

If you were on a mission to space, what would be your job?

Which planet are you most curious about?

Which "American Dad" character do you like most?

Besides "Futurama," which Fox comedy do you like most?

What would you like a robot to do around the house for you?

Which word would your best friend choose to describe you?

Which alien feature would you think hardest to deal with?

Which "Futurama" character would you take on a road trip?

What cocktail would you serve to Bender?

If you were moving to space, what one item would you take with you?

When is the last time you went stargazing?

If you saw a shooting star, what would you wish for?

Who do you think Fry should date?

Which "Futurama" character do you think would be the best roommate?

Who is your favorite "The Simpsons" character?

If you could only take one food on a space voyage, what would it be?

Who is your favorite astronaut?

What would you name your own planet?

Which real astronaut food sounds the best?

What do you think of Fry's love for Leela?

What do you like most about Amy's character?

How would you train to go into space?

What do you like most about Bender?

What task do you think would be most difficult in a zero gravity atmosphere?

What do you like most about "Futurama?"

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