Which Finding Nemo character are you?

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Released in 2003, Disney's "Finding Nemo" stole the heart of every parent and child watching it together. If you were one of the lovable members of Nemo's world, which one would you be?

Which Disney film do you like most?

Are you a good swimmer?

Which word do you think describes your personality?

Which ocean do you think is most interesting?

What kind of fishing would you like most?

Do you stop to ask directions when you are lost?

What kind of parent do you think you will be?

What do you find most beautiful about the ocean?

Which island would you most like to visit?

What kind of tropical fish would you most like to have in a fish tank?

Do you have a bad temper?

Which kind of cruise would you want to take?

What is the last thing you forgot?

What do you consider "not for eating"?

Which version of Ellen DeGeneres do you like best?

Which character from Disney's "The Jungle Book" do you like most?

What do you like to do most when you are at the beach?

Who do you think loves you the most?

What nickname might your friends give you?

Which animated television series do you like most?

Which sea creature do you find most interesting?

What do you love most about "Finding Nemo"?

Which ocean-based movie do you like most?

What do you find most interesting about fish?

Which Pixar film have you watched more than once?

Which "Toy Story" character are you most like?

Which "Finding Nemo" quote do you like most?

How long are you away from home before you start to get homesick?

If fish could talk, what would they say?

Which Australian city would you most like to visit?

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